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All PDERS lift mechanics are trained and assessed at pre-determined, regular intervals to ensure our staff are equipped to install, modernise, maintain and repair lifts safely and efficiently.

PDERS lift mechanics receive:

  • Annual accreditation
  • Quarterly, unannounced, Fatality Prevention Audits
  • 4 hours classroom training on a quarterly basis
  • Ongoing Safety Awareness Training (SAT's)

Lift mechanics basic training matrix includes:

  • Brake adjustment and maintenance
  • Call back reduction
  • Fault finding
  • Service routines
  • Movement management equipment training
  • Multi meter training
  • Reading and using straight line diagrams
  • Suspension systems
  • Service visit tool

PDERS Lift Health and Safety Awareness Training (SAT’s) matrices are used for

  • Non-field based staff
  • Non-experienced new starters
  • Experienced new starters