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New lift installation EasyLift Aesthetics

Easylift’s new aesthetic range provides a sophisticated and functional atmosphere for your new lift installation. The stylish wall panel selection features a choice of eggshell-textured vinyl-coated steel, stainless steel and laminates.

There are two design options for the decorative ceiling, each providing its own distinct style of lighting and ambiance.

The car operating panel is flat with a unique half length design with a durable stainless steel or vinyl-coated steel finish.


Wall Panels

Vinyl-coated steel: blue, cream, dark grey anti-graffiti patterned finish or light grey anti-graffiti patterned finish.

Stainless steel: brushed or patterned.

Wall panels for new lift installation

Laminates: White Carrara, Crystal Loft or Lotus Noon.

Decorative Ceilings

Either flat ceiling, finished in white eggshell-textured skinplate with a spotlight mounted on each corner, or flat ceiling, finished in white eggshell-textured skinplate with two rows of barrel-shaped diffused lighting.

Ceilings for new lift installations

Hall Fixtures

Barrel-shaped with brushed finish.


Half height natural colour or centre panel natural colour.


With curved ends and silver colour finish.


New lift installation flooringLight grey patched rubber or blue artificial stone.

If you would like us to tender for your new lift installation and advise you of up-to-date lift legislation, please contact us. We will be delighted to help.