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Passenger liftEasyLift Passenger Lift

EasyLift passenger lift utilises machine-roomless technology which allows more freedom in the building design and offers several features allowing easy maintenance of the EasyLift passenger lift. It is flexible in its application and is suited to both the residential and commercial markets.

EasyLift Ride Quality

EasyLift passenger lift uses a gearless machine combined with flux variable-frequency drive and closed loop control.

The gearless machine affords highly efficient and quiet operation of the lift whilst providing a smooth, comfortable ride.

The flux variable-frequency drive with vector and closed-loop control offers consistent speed control and stopping accuracy, ensures EasyLifts exceptional ride quality.

The closed-loop control system continually communicates the position and speed of the EasyLift car to the controller which in turn transmits the information to the drive to facilitate adjustment of the lift speed and ride quality.

Passenger Lift Performance

EasyLift passenger lift is available as a three-car group arrangement where the passenger lift cars work together to provide an efficient transportation solution to the building.

The EasyLift machine performance features 150 starts per hour with low starting and nominal currents delivering low operational costs. EasyLifts frequency drive encompasses a suspend-mode feature affording further reductions to the energy consumption of the building.

EasyLift Architectural Benefits

EasyLift is a machine-roomless solution featuring a compact gearless machine which is mounted on the guide rails in the lift shaft. This distinctive arrangement transfers the load down to the pit thus reducing structural building costs. The complete solution offers compact lift shaft dimensions leaving more freedom in the building design and allowing for additional rentable space in the building.

The main equipment of EasyLift is located within the lift shaft which enables efficient, safe and structured installation with minimal interference with other trades.

The flux-vector control system is the most efficient drive system available today, providing superb control with the absolute minimum energy consumption.

Easy to Maintain

EasyLift passenger lift illustrates many features permitting easy maintenance of the lift:

  • the controller cabinet is located on the upper landing to facilitate easy maintenance of the EasyLift
  • the gearless machine incorporates sealed-for-life bearings, requiring no oil or other polluting lubricants
  • the sealed brake on the gearless machine requires no maintenance.